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Located at 1371 Long Plains Rd, Buxton, Maine 04093

Corner of Routes 202 & 22, Behind 3-D Variety


2016 Chick Order Forms are Now Available!

Click Here!

Please Order Early in March & April for Best Selection!

Not all breeds will be available after April, so the earlier you order your chicks, the better chance you will have of getting what you want.  The hatchery can only get eggs from certain breeds for a limited time, and it is usually early in the spring.  If they can't get eggs, we can't get chicks!  The Traditional Layers are usually available without any problems right through June, but the Rare Breed Layers & Bantams are in shorter supply.

The hatchery needs our orders at least 4 weeks prior to the ship date, so please plan on getting us your order no later than 4 weeks prior to the date you want to get your chicks. The sooner you get us the order, the more likely you will be able to get the chicks you want!

Markek's Vaccinations

All of the laying and bantam chicks that we order are vaccinated for Marek's Disease, which can devastate a flock of young hens just as they reach laying age, so our chicks are more expensive than some other local chicks, but we have found that it is worth paying a little more as chicks to prevent them from getting Marek's Disease.

Extra Chicks

If we have extra chicks available, they will be for sale as soon as we know everyone who ordered got their chicks,

or by Monday morning at the latest!


Thank You to everyone who ordered Piglets,

We are Currently Sold Out for 2016!


Veggie & Flower Seeds are Here!!



Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula 35lbs

New Lower Pricing!



40lbs Sportmix Adult Bite-Size Dog Food

Only $19.99!


New Lower Pricing!

Whole Native Oats - $9.99

Whole Native Barley - $10.99


Now Stocking, Direct From Florida...

$42 per 50lb Bag



Max-E-Glo Rice Bran Meal 40lbs

Now only $24.99!


Golden Comet Pullets!


Order Your Pullets Now!

We Have Pullets Coming this Friday, April 15th!!

Next Batch Due Here in May

Pre-Order and Pick-Up Within 3 Days, $11ea

$14ea After 3 Days

FMI, Please Email the Long Horn Bird Lady


Taste of the Wild

Grain-Free Dog Food

Prairie, Pacific Stream, Sierra Lamb, & Wetland Wild - Only $45.99/30lbs!

Southwest Canyon - Only $45.99/28lbs!

NEW!  Pine Forest 28lbs - Only $45.99/28lbs!


Pelleted Horse Bedding!

Made by Boreal Wood Pellets

$4.99/bag - 30lbs

$4.39/bag Pallet Price* (85 Bags)

*Picked Up Only



Stall Mats are On SALE,

$33.00 each,

Buy 25+ for $31.00 each! 

(Prices are for picked up mats only, all delivered mats are $33, to local areas only, call FMI)


50lb Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Only $19.95!

Purina Flock Blocks!


Purina Deer Blocks!


Purina Feeds Now Available!

Horse Feeds

Omolene 100

Omolene 200

Omolene 500

Equine Senior

Equine Senior Active

Equine Adult

Ultium Competition

Enrich Plus Pellet

Strategy GX Pellet

Strategy HE Textured

Impact Horse 10:10 Textured

Impact Senior

Impact 12:6 Pellets

Impact 10:6 Pellets

Mini Horse & Pony

Amplify Supplement

Cow & Calf

Ampli-Calf Grower Pellet

PreCon Complete Calf Starter

Honor Show Chow Fitters Edge

Honor Show Chow Finishing Touch

Honor Show Chow Fitters Edge Full Range

Gold Ribbon 40

4-Square Cattle Grower


Purina Goat Block

More to come, and we take special orders as well!

Frontline Plus 3-Month

All Sizes Dogs & Cat


Fleas & Ticks are in full swing!

Himalayan Rock Salt

Small - $6.99 ea!

Medium (with rope) - $8.99 ea!

RubberMaid Stock Tanks!

100 gallon - $78.99

70 gallon - $77.99

50 gallon - $71.99

Drain Plug De-Icer - $43.99

Behlen Country Economy Green 60' Round Pen with 4' Entrance Gate

(15 Panels and a 4' Entrance Gate)


Picked up price, or add $50 delivery fee for anywhere in our delivery area!

Economy Red Will Be Available Soon!!


Did you know that Poulin Grain's Feed Bags ARE Recyclable?  They are class 5 Polypropylene bags,
Click here to find a recylcing center that recycles them!

We are now recycling Egg Cartons here at the store.  Feel free to drop yours off here and we will give them out to chicken farmers buying grain here who can use them!  You can also bring them to the Buxton Transfer Station and they will bring them here for us to distribute.

Now Available Online!

Poulin Grain Price Lists

Fertilizer & Lime Prices

Grass & Pasture Seed Prices

Ken Irving - Spreads Lime in fields right from his truck - 426-8537 (Waterville)

Brett Richardson - Picks up horse manure for composting - 272-0896

List of Sources for Spring Piglets & Roaster Pigs*

Nest & Mullen - 207-985-2363

Dana Maines - 207-892-4203

Leighton Bliss - 625-7862; email - kfreightops@roadrunner.com

Britney Ellis, Buxton - 207-239-4599

Susan Polcaro, Wyndswept Farm, Limerick - 207-608-7886

David Smith, Gorham - 207-671-7680

List of Sources for Butchering & Processing*

Ken's Custom Meat Processing - 282-9078

Windham Butcher Shop - 892-4203

Nest & Mullen - 985-2363

Gardiner Beef - 724-3378

East Conway Beef & Pork - (603) 939-2813 (Fryeburg/North Conway)

Brody Robbins - dundeefallsfarm@yahoo.com - Meat Birds & Turkeys - 239-9386

*Please note, we do not endorse any particular source, please call them for more information,

prices, availability, references, etc.

If you have piglets or pigs  for sale or provide butchering & processing services and would

like to be added to our list of sources feel free to call or email us!

Firin' up the Deere!

Trucking a Horse in Buxton!!

Store Hours - We're Open 7 Days a Week!

Monday - Friday  8 - 6

Saturday  9 - 5

Sunday  9 - 1

Phone: 207-929-6600 ~ Email: store@longhorn.me ~ Fax: 1-703-935-5503

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