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We carry a wide variety of all the feed and supplies you will need for your poultry, including feeders, waterers, heat lamps, wire, small incubators, and even books on raising birds. 

We are now taking chick orders for 2014!!

Orders close for the May 9th shipment on 4/6!

Click here for the printable chick order form!

Click here for the printable turkey, duck, goose, & guinea hen order form!

Click here for the printable Bulk Turkey order form!

Please Mail Forms to:

Long Horn

PO Box 225

Buxton, ME 04093


Scan & Email to:


Fax to: 1-703-935-5503 (this is E-Fax, so it IS 1-703!)

Quart Jar - $1.69

Feeder Base - $3.50

Water Base - $1.50

Lamp with Clamp - $10.99

250wt Clear Bulb - $3.99

250wt Red Bulb - $7.99

125wt Clear Bulb - $3.75

Chicken Coops!

$550, $650, & $750