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We carry a wide variety of all the feed and supplies you will need for your poultry, including feeders, waterers, heat lamps, wire, small incubators, and even books on raising birds. 

We are no longer taking chick orders for 2015, please check back Jan/Feb 2016.  We are still taking special orders for cornish cross in lots of 50 or more.

Please Mail Forms to:

Long Horn

PO Box 225

Buxton, ME 04093


Scan & Email to:


Fax to: 1-703-935-5503 (this is E-Fax, so it IS 1-703!)

You can also call your order in over the phone, but please read the order form for all the information about pick up and pricing etc.

Download this PDF on the care of Baby Chicks!

5 Things to Know About Chick Ordering!

1) Order early in the season for best selection, in particular the rare breeds sell out quickly

and often are not available later in the season

2) We do our best to get everyone's orders in to the hatchery but sometimes they do not have a good hatch so there is a shortage of certain chicks, and that is beyond our control! 

3) We recommend that you get at least 6 chicks if you do not already have chickens at home, they are flock animals and are happiest in a group!

4) You can mix & match different breeds of chicks & ducks and they will get along perfectly fine!

5) We recommend that you get your chick brooding area warm & ready before you pick up your chicks, and the earlier in the day you pick up your chicks, the better chance you'll have of getting what you ordered if there are any shortages!

The early bird gets the worm, as they say!

Quart Jar - $1.69

Feeder Base - $3.50

Water Base - $1.50

Lamp with Clamp - $10.99

250wt Clear Bulb - $3.99

250wt Red Bulb - $7.99

125wt Clear Bulb - $3.75